Saturday, June 26, 2010

My boy is growing up so fast

Yesterday was Cole's kindergarten graduation. This picture was taken at the beginning of the school year. Oh how long ago this seems. My little man, the youngest, is growing up so fast. To see him in his shirt and tie, black dress pants and dress shoes.... oh how time flies. He was so proud of himself. I remember the day I brought him home from the hospital at a whopping 7 pounds 8 ounces!!! Today he almost weighs the same as his big sister and is almost as tall!!

Yes, my little man was so adorable, in fact ALL of the kindergarten graduates were so adorable.
If you wanted to see Cole you only had to look for the crowd of children around him. He loves the attention and is so charismatic. He is definetly the life of the party and he enjoys it.

They were all dressed so nice, but not afraid to run around and play or even get a time out. You can dress them up as little ladies and gentlemen but they are still only 5 and 6 years old and are not afraid to let it be known. In the very next moment all sitting together lined in a row, with the sweetest poses and best manners they are ready to recieve their diplomas. After a prayer about God making them son shouts out that he sees an ANT ( yes he loves to squish ants, thankfully he didn't then). That gave the parents all a little chuckle.

He is always making a joke or a funny face...Yes, even in a crowd. I cannot wait to get my pictures back. I was able to get one at just te right moment. The moment when he was getting his diploma. He had in one hand his diploma and in the other he had his black graduate hat...arms raised in the air above his head and shouts out YES!!!! This remined me of a scene in a teen movie when the kids are graduating highschool.

So now with my DD moving into grade 4 and my DS moving into grade 1 I feel pretty old. Not in a bad way because I am proud of all they have accomplished, and all they will accomplish in the future. I know there will be many more special moments in their future.......... all of which are sure to bring a few more tears of joy to this mothers eyes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

If my cat sprays on more thing...

If my cat sprays on one more thing...I am going to lose my mind!! Why can a cat be sooo cute and so silly, so good with kids yet have one charachter flaw that is so darn annoying?!!!
His little habit started with backpacks, for some reason he just had to get those. I thought at first it was because he knew it meant the kids were going to school and he would not have their attention for the day. So we would make sure the backpacks were always hung up.
Now that we have moved his "habit" has expanded to anything he sees on the floor.Dont get me wrong he still uses his litter box, ruling out that he is afraid to pee in it because he has UTI. He has a clean litter box ( I know because I am the one to change it ), but if he sees anything on the floor it is "fair game". His most recent fetish has been to spray on shoes. So now w can't even keep our shoes at the front door. We have resorted to keeping all bedroom doors closed ( cuz good luck with having an 8 and 5 year old to keep all things off the floor) and a baby gate to the upstairs ( for some reason this works, he actually thinks he cannot jump the gate), and now I guess we have to keep our shoes in a closet!!!!
I love my Sammy so very much, I am just at my witts end!! I have been behind in my laundry ( which should not happen because I am on hollidays from may till Sept) because I am doing at least a load a day or every 2 days of urine soaked items such as blankets, teddy bears, jackets that fall off the hangers ........ Yes I love my cat but the question I keep asking myself is " How much?"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is here

Summer is officially here and only 8 days left until summer hollidays for the children. This can be a wonderful time as long as we do not let the kids get bored. So today I asked My DD to sit down with my DS after school and make a list of things they would like to do this summer. I know I am dealing with an 8 and 5 year old so I did ask them to be reasonable...Disneyland is OUT of the question. When I gave this task to them I did tell them I will do my best to get as much done on their list as possible. I am very curious , however, to see what types of things they put on their list.
I am hoping they have things like picnics, nature walks, swimming, etc. I will keep you updated after I get this list.